Moving to Puerto Rico Resources


Real Estate for Sale / Rental Homes / Vacation Rentals– Houses and Homes for Sale / Short Term Rentals– Real Estate and Apartment Search (spanish only)– Vacation / Short Term Rental– Vacation / Short Term Rental


Deeds and Records– Property Registration


Utilities– Electricity– Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority– Water and Sewer– Garbage


Internet Service Providers– Liberty ?– ClaroInternet– Choice Cable


Cable and Satellite TV– Liberty– DirectTV– Claro


Cell Phone Companies– Claro– AT&T– Sprint– T-Mobile– Open Mobile


Shipping Household Goods and Vehicles– More affordable shipping company– Household goods and vehicles– US Postal Service– UPS– FedEX



DMV and Toll Fees– Toll Fees and EZ Pass– Puerto Rico DMV / Marbete– DMV Locations




Health Insurance– Triple S Salud– Humana

http://www.mmapapr.orgMedicaid and Medicare or Puerto Rico


Health Updates Zika Virus and other alerts



Schools – Department of Education– Public School Review



Tax and Business– Puerto Rico business news– Official government documents



Moving Related– Local Classifieds (better than Craigslist)


Pets– Documents needed for brining your pet

352-313-3060 – USDA Phone Number

Passport– Passport


Weather– Surf Reports– Weather forecast– Marine forecast


Public Transportation


Traveling to Vieques and Culebra– Ferry to the islands– Air travel to Vieques– Air travel to Culebra


Emergency Information

911 – Emergency

411 – Information

787-343-2020 – Police Department

787-343-2330 – Fire Department

787-724-0100 – Emergency and Disaster Management

787-729-6770 – U.S. Coast Guard

787-754-6000 – Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

787-775-1701 – Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)

787-766-6000 – Federal Marshals

787-766-5539 – U.S. Secret Service

787-726-5660 – Poison Control

787-777-3535 – Medical Center of Puerto Rico

787-749-1333 – Child Abuse

787-765-2285 – Rape Hotline

787-303-2773 – Counseling Line


Important Non-Emergency

787-722-1709 – Tourist Information

787-720-9398 – Humane Society

787-759-7979 – American Red Cross

787-721-6121 – Assistance to the Elderly

800-772-1213 – Social Security

787-754-8124 – Sexually Transmitted Disease

800-424-8802 – Toxic Chemicals

787-766-6050 – U.S. Department of Agriculture

787-721-6060 – Chamber of Commerce

787-721-2800 – Handicapped Facilities